GENERAL APPEARANCE: Typical small size. Impresses with power at a small size, short, stocky, compact in general, with short or long hair, with a snub-nosed muzzle, erect ears and a short or long tail. It should look like an active, intelligent dog, with very well-developed muscles and with a strong backbone.

BEHAVIOR/TEMPERAMENT: Fearless, loyal, a little arrogant, but not timid or aggressive, playful, energetic companion dog.

HEAD: Rather large, proportionally wider than the deep CRANIAL PART: should be massive, wide and fit into a square; domed, wide between the eyes, moderately pronounced folds and wrinkles..

Stop: pronounced

FACIAL AREA: Black pigmentation is not required on the nose, lips and eye contour.

Nose: Not too short, wide, nostrils large and open. A slight crease, preferably interrupted, can spread from the cheeks to the bridge of the nose in the form of a wide inverted "V". The crease should never cover the eyes or nose.

Narrowed nostrils are unacceptable

Muzzle:It should be pronounced, but it can be relatively short and wide. Strong lower jaw.

Lips: The lips are on the same level.

Teeth and tongue should not be visible; also, lips should not hide a well-developed chin.

Eyes: Clear, round, dark, shiny and not too big. Without obvious problems.

Ears: Heart-shaped, at the level of the upper line of the skull, close to the head, their length does not go beyond the lower line of the muzzle. They have a long, adorning coat. They can also be of medium size, with a wide base and rounded ends. Planted high on the head, but not too close to each other, standing. The auricles are turned forward.They have a long, adorning coat.

NECK: Relatively short and thick, slightly curved, without suspension, expands towards the shoulders.


Topline: - with a gradual but not excessive rise from the withers to the lower back. This structure is typical for the breed

Back: broad, muscular, strong and without sagging. Loin: short, wide and convex.

Croup: with a good slope.

Chest: cylindrical, barrel-shaped due to very well-curved ribs, deep (lowered slightly below the elbows); The front part of the chest is wide and fits into a square when viewed from the front. Bottom line and belly: tightened, but not as sharply as in greyhounds.

Тail: It may be short from birth, planted low, fairly straight, thick at the base and tapering towards the end. Bends, knotty seals and fractures are allowed, as well as a relatively long tail that does not reach the hocks. The dog carries the tail low and even in motion, without lifting it above the horizontal line.It is also allowed:- Set high, snugly fitting, slightly curved over the back on either side. Decorated with long hair.



FORELIMBS:Relatively short, thick, voluminous

SHOULDERS: shoulders are pulled back

Elbows:Tightly pressed to the body.


General view: The hind limbs are strong and muscular, slightly longer than the forelegs, which causes the sacrum to rise relative to the withers. Almost vertically placed when viewed both from the side and from behind.

Thighs: well-muscled, strong.

Hock joints: located quite low, the angle of the hock joint is not too pronounced, but also not straightened.

Knees: well defined

Metatarsals: Strong, parallel when viewed from behind

Hind legs: large, flat, not rounded, pointing forward.

MOVEMENTS: The limbs move parallel to the longitudinal axis of the trunk, both when viewed from the front and from the side. The movements are free, powerful, smooth.

SKIN: Dense


Coat: short, long, close-fitting, shiny and soft.

COLOR: All colors and markings are acceptable and equivalent.